Accidental shopping

I couldn’t help myself tonight.  I went online to check some of my things in the store, make sure I did the promote thing, checked to see if any Showcases were going to be available and I stumbled into shopping.  It happens. One moment you’re trying to do a bit of organizing and the next you have an “ooh shiny” moment.  And then I found it, a very nice, gray neck scarf with shiny sequins (I told you it was an ooh shiny moment).  Too pretty to pass up, so I didn’t.  I pressed that button and said, “mine!”  The store owner, Textile Monster, has so many nice ones that it was hard to choose, but I settled on the one that I thought I’d most likely to wear with everything.  You can see some of the other things she has there as I’m so adding her to my link list as soon as this post is done!

Also, I’m bed shopping, not online but in person.  We are in real need of a new bed since the one we currently sleep on is over 12 years old and is getting pretty uncomfortable.  We went out testing last weekend to various shops.  I flopped myself on everything from a Kingsdown, Beautyrest, Sterns & Foster, and Serta.  We tried several Beautyrest brands, even the Beautyrest Black line.  I personally fell in love with the Kingsdown and it was pointed out to me that I wouldn’t get off the bed…. And?  But at $4000 for a king size bed, I’m not so sure I want to spend that much.  So I’ve been asking my friends, what mattress do you have?  Do you like it?  How long has it lasted?  What do you recommend about mattress shopping?  This has been somewhat like car shopping, with some salesmen giving me crappy pitches and lying about the products.  Time to twitch my nose and have a good bed appear! But alas, soon I will need to buy it, a good one, and one that will last.

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