Bliss is in the karma

Yes, I caved to my shopping desires today.  I drove to Jo-Ann’s after our morning routine of breakfast bagels (and coffee for me) and grocery shopping.  I must have walked around that store for hours.  I picked up beads, yarns, fabrics and trims.  Then patterns and more beads, returned to yarns, over to knitting needles and then back over to the discount fabrics.  I found an awesome discounted taffeta with black velvet fabric that I’m going to make the super cool steam-punk costume jacket that I’ve been wanting to do!  And then it dawned on me just how much stuff I had in my cart.  Umm…. Okay, time to calculate cost, oops.  Too much.  I had to go back through and get just the items that I really needed, not wanted, costume fabrics and trims, sterling silver earrings and wires for new earrings I’ve been thinking about making, yarn that I want to make a new baby blanket for and a cowl, and a set of knitting needles.  And a few other small odds and ends.  Okay, much better!

The best part, after I got done being very patient and waiting for the 23 people ahead of me at the fabric cutting counter (yes, 23 people ahead of me today), I wandered to the front of the store.  I did realize today there were a LOT of people in the store, but I didn’t know why. It is Sunday, there was a yarn sale, and the jewelry beads and pieces were buy one get the second 1/2 off, so I’m sure that was a draw.  But as I’m about to go up to the counter a wonderful woman pops up behind me and asks me, “do you have one of these?” and hands me something.  It was a 25% off coupon for my entire purchase!  YES!  The gods love me today!  Karma, you are my bliss. 🙂  That wonderful woman saved me over $30 today, bless you whoever you are!!!  And to pass on the karma, since the check out lady let me keep the 25% off coupon “for later when I come back in the day….” when I left the store I handed it to another woman who was on her way into the store and said, “enjoy your shopping day!”  And home I came.  Hope you all had a wonderful, blissful weekend too, pass on the good karma.

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