Knitting trials

Spring is supposed to be here, but it is 42F right now and rain expected tomorrow. Brrrrrr.

I have been inspired to make some new jewelry with the earring pieces, beads and such that I got on my shopping spree this past weekend.  I have to remind myself that these are to sell, not to keep!  Maybe I can keep one pair? Just one.

I am also determined to learn how to knit.  I can crochet like a banshee, but knitting has eluded me.  So I have taken it up again, pulling the knitting needles out and some yarn, determined this time, I will do it!  Actually, I’ve been doing it for the last few nights, and I’ve got it down pretty good.  Of course the start was a bit rough, I had to redo the cast-on 3 times and redo the first row 4 times because somehow I kept ending up with a huge piece of empty space with no stitches where there should have been stitches.  I still do not know what I did wrong, but I think I may have wrapped the yarn around the front of the needle instead of wrapping it around the back of the needle.  Needless to say, I am moving now, I’ve got 6 knit rows done, without dropping a single stitch!  Go me.

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