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Joys of the interwebs

It is amazing how much our lives have evolved to revolve around the internet.  I thought I had avoided becoming one of those people who spent my time always checking my email and spending time on the net.  Until it happened, until, it was taken away.  My internet wonked out on me when I actually needed to use it.  I had made some nice jewelry, taken the time to create some lovely photos and then I sat down to upload, blog and tweet about it.  Epic Fail. The Internet Gods said, nope.  I couldn’t do anything.  And then the internet would tease me, allowing me a blink to put out one line in twitter, or to upload a file to Etsy, then died again.

I had a lovely conversation with the Internet people, who walked me through how to test my router.  I did this, then I did that.  And then after all that she tried to re-boot the system from the main frame.  Nothing.  And then she declared, “your router is dying.  I’ll send you a new one.”  Yay, oh my. hmmm, great.  Technology at its best.

Anyway, it is all taken care of now, as you can see. I have my technology back, my jewelry is posted, my Tweets are posted and I even tried to make a Facebook page (which btw is not going very well…. I may give up on this and stick with Twitter).

So long for the days of books, curled up with a cup of coffee and the radio. No internet required, no worries about connecting to “the world” and escaping into my favourite Charles Dickens novel.  Maybe I can still escape there on rainy days after I check my email? That’s a good deal!  Have a great week everyone!

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