New Year

Happy New Year, 2012! Yep, new year is here. Life is busy and I had a fabulous anniversary too (the day we met). 5 YEARS!!! Woot! We made homemade sushi, or should I say “he” made sushi, tuna, eel, salmon, and lobster with cream cheese and roe. So yummy! He makes such fabulous sushi! We also watched the Bourne Ultimatum for our entertainment! A perfect evening. I picked out some new yarn to start the next blanket, but there will be a slight delay for me due to some travel. But I’ll start as soon as I get back. Of course for the travel I’ve packed and unpacked about 4 – 5 times to get the bag right. The joy of decisions. I think I’ll have to go shopping for fabrics when I get back too. Right now sitting back and enjoying a Project Runway marathon! 🙂 Guilty Pleasures. Have a great year beginning and peace be with everyone.

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