Austin Bead Market

This weekend the Austin Bead Market was in Austin, TX, and I traveled there for a few items, and left with much more. Walking in there were tables after tables, booths after booths, beads in the millions!! I was overwhelmed. I tackled each area slowly to find those select pieces that I thought would be great to make some new pieces for LPB. It was so much fun too. You really did feel like a kid in a candy store with all those bright shiny colors, crystals and beads. And I also found some awesome tools, which I desperately needed. My one wire cutter has seen better days so I was thrilled to find a new one. To be honest, I could have spent even more time there, but with a long drive back, a budget to stick to and a purse that was already gaining weight I realized it was time to go. There are more events coming up, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Tulsa and Houston if anyone happens to be in those areas. It was enjoyable and worth the time. I wish I remembered to take a photo when I showed up, but like I said, the volume of beads in one single room stunned me.

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