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I know I’ve been off for a bit. But I’ve got good reasons for that. Lots of reasons actually. I’ve been busy making lots of new jewelry pieces for LPB. I have recently subscribed to Beadwork Magazine on my iPad. I’ve learned some amazing new techniques and that there are zillions of different types of beads (yes, zillions, because there seems to be new beads in each issue and then some). I’ve been testing my skills and discovered I love working with the smaller beads. I’ve been working with larger beads, wire, crochet wire and such, but this brings in a whole new aspect. I have found that creativity is boundless with these creations. So many new ideas and options! I got on a roll of creating and just couldn’t stop.

You can see from the few pictures here, and from the new listings at LPB, the designs are fun, beautiful and stylish. I’m happily swimming in beads….

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