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Multi-tasking and memories

IMG_0454This past week I’ve finally decided on my next project… projects… I started three different crochet projects and by today one of them has been completed. I think like many others, I cannot work on just one project at a time. This does leave the box of “never finished projects” in the corner, but most of the time I am successful in completing them all. The first I hit on is a lacy shawl in claret red. It is sassy, pretty and just perfect for summer. This is the one I’ve already finished mainly because crocheting openwork pieces is quick for me. The second I started is a baby afghan. I opted for a mix of traditional and IMG_0478non-traditional colors for the “hip” baby. It’s coming alone nicely and I’m hoping within the next week that it will be done. The third one is a beast. A little history first. In 2012,  I traveled to Ecuador. I found the most luscious wool yarns at a little shop, Hilana Cia. Ltda. in Quito! Pure Wool. I bought skeins of heather brown and cream, stuffed them into my suitcase and flew home with my treasures. These skeins have been sitting on my yarn shelves since then. Staring at me, waiting for me to come up with a plan for them…. In nearly 4 1/2 years, I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t want to just do anything with this precious yarn. But it finally dawned on me. I set out in my handy dandy Excel spreadsheet and began designing a new pattern. Measured it out, calculated the amount of yarn needed, checked my gauge with the hook I planned on using and began. To tell you the truth it was both a little exciting and scary pulling that first strand, wrapping it around my hook and going forward. But I think it will be worth it. The day I purchased the yarn will forever be in my memory, and now I am creating something awesome with that memory.

Of course this means by the end of the week I’ll only have one WIP. Hence, I’ll be diving into my yarn stash to find another project or pulling out the beads to create some more jewelry. Maybe a little of both. Ether way I’ll be busy.

One final note. Unfortunately a sad note. As you and most of the world know, Prince passed away a few days ago. It came as a shock to me in many ways. Mainly because he lived such a straight-laced lifestyle of no alcohol, no swearing and veganism. So different from many of the other musical artists. And also because I grew up listening to his music. I was just a little kid who had no idea what “Little Red Corvette” meant, but it was catchy. Purple Rain was an anthem. And when I got older, yep, I played the B-side and found Darling Nikki. Prince pushed many boundaries, made fans out of just about anyone, told all us girls we were beautiful, no matter what. Sometimes the death of someone you don’t actually know in real-life hurts because you know how they affected your own life. Rest in Peace, Rest in Peace.

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