Always Learning

I try to make sure I have as much information as possible about the world of fiber arts on this page for you all. I’ve culled together the most common crochet symbols and abbreviations that I’ve come across during my travels in the crochet world and put them all together on one page. You can find them on the Crochet Symbols & Abbreviations page under Fiber Arts Facts. As I mention, these two lists are not complete. There are many more symbols and abbreviations out there that you may come across in your searches for fabulous patterns. This is meant only to be a helpful starter list, giving you the most common symbols and abbreviations. Also, these are American terms. You’ll find that British terms use similar symbols but different words to describe the same stitch. Be sure to know when you have a pattern if it is written in American or British terms before you begin.

The nice thing I’ve found is that by learning the symbols and how to read crochet charts, I can more easily follow a pattern. I don’t get lost in the paragraphs of words and try to figure out where I was last. I can also read patterns in other languages, in the sense that I can read the chart even if I can’t read the pattern’s words. I’ve found this to be very helpful several times. I’ll do another post on reading the patterns with a detailed image to help you all figure out the easiest way to begin and get going with them. I look forward to that!

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