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Unpacked and organized

FullSizeRender 3Finally. The yarn is unpacked, organized and easily in reach. I have enough space in my new office that I am able to have my craft table out with my desk and the giant IKEA Kallax shelf in place. I was surprised how much stuff I   1) had, 2) could fit on the shelf and 3) that I hadn’t seen since, well, in a very long time.  Let’s just say grad school was before 2010 and I found stuff that pre-dated that…. yeah. So a little purging happened too. Things that were no longer needed or used by me went into the donate pile. Things that were broken or too worn went into the rubbish pile. And things I just couldn’t part with but have no place to put went into the save for later pile. This managed to help clear up a room full of boxes and bins faster than I thought it would. I really thought it would take me months to go through all that stuff. You’d be surprised what you drag along with you through the years, moving from college, to apartment, to home and then to another state. But at least it is now done. Hopefully it stays that way and I don’t begin the “hoarding” process again (although to be fair, that hoarding was about 20 – 25 years worth of packed, stored, and more packed stuff that never seemed to get unpacked).

One of the things I unpacked, that I was happy to find, were my fabrics. I knew I had collected many types and styles over the years and put them away. I had made some costumes off and on over the years as well, so I had some pretty awesome fabrics too. I managed to find all of these, and by all I mean I kept finding more fabric in boxes, and boxes and boxes…. I did a great job of stashing fabric. I got it all out, folded them nicely and stacked them in the bottom segments of the Kallax shelf. Now I can actually see what I have and not buy the same fabric 3x because I don’t know what I have (yes, done that). I’m thinking that this year I will be able to actually make a Halloween costume I want. The last time I made my costume it was, hmmm, four years ago. So it’s been a while. Of course, now I have to come up with a theme, whatever shall I be!

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone as well. Enjoy the long day and warm weather in the northern hemisphere. And to those south of the equator, Happy Winter Solstice, hoping your winter speeds by quickly. Now off to do some fiber art!

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