Summer Heat

IMG_1241Luckily I work inside, I feel for anyone who works in the great outdoors during this time of year. Especially here in Texas. It’s been hot. Very hot. Yesterday’s heat index was 114° F (45.5° C). Today will be a little cooler at only 106° F (41° C). The heat here hasn’t been too bad since moving here, but for the first time yesterday, it was oppressive. I could only let my dog out for a few minutes at a time for his potty breaks during the day, it was just too hot for him too. Poor pup was panting after 5 minutes. It has been rough on my flowers too. I bought some new ones to plant the other day and they are nearly dead already and I haven’t even gotten them into the ground yet. And my hanging pot looked beautiful and fluffy at Lowe’s, two days later, even with watering, is beginning to look sad. Really sad. Hopefully the heat will stay in the lower 100’s and upper 90’s. I can don’t mind that, it’s actually quite enjoyable with the light breeze here. There is always a breeze here, every day no matter what time. It’s quite nice actually.

I’ve started 3 different projects already. A shawl, a scarf and an afghan. This is in addition to the large afghan with the wool from Ecuador that I put aside during the move. So I’ll be busy this week, fingers flying, hooks yarning over and stitches growing. Ironically, when I was unpacking I found a yarn stash I had forgotten about since, oh um, grad school. Yeah, and there is a WIP with that stash that I never finished. I remember the project, I just didn’t remember packing it away so carefully. That will also be added to the list (out of guilt). Bring on the yarn! 🙂

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