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Bead Addiction

I admit, my first love is yarn. Yarns of all types, wool, bamboo, silk, even acrylic. I have a few skeins in my stash (cough, cough) so I can’t hide it. But there is one little thing that takes up only two sections of my 5×5 IKEA organizing unit. The yarn? It takes up 11 and spills into some others. These two other sections, 13x13x15 open boxes, hold my other little addiction. Beads. And all things to go with them, findings, clasps, ear wires, memory wire, crimpers, as well as a ton of other tiny tools. I was excited to find a decent pair of split ring pliers at the previous bead show I attended. It’s the little things. Hence my happy face when I received a postcard in my postbox announcing the North American Jewelry & Gift Show coming to our area! And with the postcard, free admission. Bonus. I put this on my calendar and eagerly awaited the event. Finally, shopping day, I mean the show day arrived.  I was happy to see vendors selling all sorts of wares, beads, findings, pre-made jewelry, and many other items. I browsed for what seemed like forever, making two full rounds of the large convention room. I had spent a little, and found some nice items to use for future ideas. As I was leaving I saw tables in the hallway. I browsed those too. Right up next to a door, an open door, that opened into another huge room full of more (you guessed it) Beads! Here went another hour (at least). I swear I spent my entire morning gazing at all sorts of pretties and shiny things. I managed to walk away without breaking the bank. But I also found some cool items that I can’t find locally. I didn’t have a specific idea in mind for any of the beads, I just knew “this could be awesome.” So there you have it. Two sections of a huge organizing unit full of really cool, sparkly ideas. These usually turn into stylish bracelets, earrings or necklaces. I’ve even crocheted with them in jewelry as well as yarn. I’m already checking the web to see if another bead show is coming soon to the Austin-San Antonio area. I’m on the lookout!

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