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Travel Hooks

Whenever I travel, I frequently like to bring along a small WIP with me to keep me busy on long car rides or pass time waiting in airports. It is no longer a good idea for anyone to bring metal crochet hooks or needles along in carry-ons for those air travel times and I can easily misplace a random hook in the car. I won’t find that lost one for at least 6 months. At least. I find that I’m not a huge fan of the acrylic hooks, the friction with some yarns is too much for me and it drives me batty trying to get a smooth stitch. Hence my hunt for something else. I already had two bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks from Clover that I loved! They glided across the yarn easily and were lightweight. So I went hunting for something like that, in a travel form. I found it! Yes, the Clover Takumi Getaway set. It has 7 lightweight bamboo crochet hooks tucked away in a convenient carry case with a top cover to prevent hooks from sliding out and a Velcro closure. Hooks inside include E4 (3.5mm), F5 (3.75mm), G6 (4.0mm), H8 (5.0mm), I9 (5.5mm), J10 (6.0mm) and K10.5 (6.5mm). There was extra space inside for me to put my two bamboo Tunisian hooks, G (4.0mm) and J (6.0mm) as well. And the case is a pretty pink. Score! I now have these with me just about everywhere I go. The case folds up so nicely and I have a great selection with me. And best of all, they work great. Easy to use with my yarns, no tugging, no friction, no frustration. I like the fact the bamboo is polished so smoothly. I use these also when I’m not traveling because I like them so much. I still love my aluminum hooks. I have just a few of those…. Really don’t ask how many…. Let’s just say when you tip over the 20th hook, you know you have a problem…. That’s a post for another day. It’s always great when you can add something to your toolkit that not only serves one function (travel) but is multi-purpose, everyday use. Okay, back to crochet.

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