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I Do Enjoy Knitting Patterns

I love that movie quote! When Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore says this in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I laughed so hard! One of those Haaaa!!! Laughs. It was pretty awesome. And true. I do love them. I am a crochet fiend, but in the last several years I’ve picked up my knitting as well. I’m much slower with knitting, and have to concentrate more, but it is still fun to make something different than the usual. I started a small scarf, and it seems to be turning out quite nice. At the rate I’m going, and the other WIPs that I have, this may get done by Aug 2017….. Maybe sooner, I’ll try my best. Luckily I can find beginner-intermediate patterns online or with the Lion Brand app to keep testing myself. Knitting is a great art and I’m excited to be getting better at it, but crochet is my heart. I’ll always be a crochet girl first. 

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