National Dog Day

Yes, it is National Dog Day. Celebrate by giving your furbaby a big hug and kiss. The day is meant as a great reminder to not only care for the dogs in our lives but to think of the dogs we do not see everyday. The service dogs helping people with their daily tasks, the police and rescue dogs who put their lives on the line to keep us safe and the shelter dogs waiting for their furever homes. I am thrilled each day when my dog comes to sit on my lap to sleep. We adopted him when he was 7 yrs old from a local shelter. Of course we think he really adopted us. The minute we met him he was giving us love, snuggling on my lap and acting as if we were supposed to be there. When I finally got to bring him home a week later, he walked in straight to the back yard and gave a big sigh. I swear it was a “finally” sigh. After a quick bath, he curled up in the blankets in my arms and fell asleep. He stayed there for at least an hour, just snoozing peacefully. He turned 10 this past April. He’s still doing great, runs after his toys, and always wants to snuggle and sleep right on me. Several times a year we return the kindness, we donate food, supplies and toys to a local shelter. Any small thing helps. Those pups need comfort before someone comes too. So happy National Dog Day, go spend it doing something your dog loves, be it tossing a frisbee, playing catch, running or simply snuggling up. Don’t forget, we also have doggie items available for custom purchasing on LPB, some great dog scarves styles can be seen in pink, blue and even your favourite football team colours. 

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