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There’s an app for that…

Yes, there’s an app for just about anything now. Need to order Starbucks before arriving at Starbucks? Yup… App. A human to cat translator so you can talk to Fluffy? Um, yes… Just want to pop bubble wrap all day long? Continuously? An app. But I get more interested in apps that I can actually use for something in a productive way. I love my Craftsy app, the videos are great and I can view them anywhere. I have one for a social network for my dog, BarkHappy. Before you laugh, this has been pretty awesome. We’ve gone to parks and met dogs & dog parents in the area we wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to do so. And it has a nifty little map showing all the pet friendly places around town. Score.  And yes, I do have the Starbucks app, because, yes I want to run in and out in 30 Sec rather than stand in line for 10 min and hope they heard my name right. But this week, Apple’s free app of the week has proven to be pretty awesome. Not just for one thing but many. The app is called MindNode, it’s a mind mapping app that helps you organize and plan. I figured, hey it’s free, has pretty colours, why not. I started out reading the app description, watching some videos online about how to use it and then dove in. I first tested it by planning some of our upcoming vacation. An hour later I had a large mapped out plan in front of me on my iPad that I can keep editing, adding and using. My thought: this is totally awesome! I can use this for the shop and blog too! Sitting down and mapping out my thoughts about what topics I want to discuss, what products I want to highlight, and what technique(s) I want to explore is going to be so much easier with this than with my pen, paper and twenty zigged lines that I have no idea where they are going. I’m kinda excited over this little app. I even am writing this blog post late (and changed the topic) because I was so caught up in the app. There are many other mind mapping apps, so I’m not saying this is the only one folks should use. However, since Apple is kind enough to have it free this week you might want to just download it to see what you could do with it. I was surprised how much information I could put down, and yes, my brain hops all over the map during the process, but it becomes nicely organized for me through the app. Ain’t technology grand? 

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