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Dog or Cat?

I have a dog. Or at least most of the time I think I do. But sometimes I’m not sure. Take this morning. After getting up, letting him out, making a nice breakfast and relaxing a bit with the hubs, I went into my office to begin work. I let out a muffled yelp. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, and I wasn’t too sure Loki was really a dog. See, my dog has a yarn addiction too. He really likes to sniff it, pick up the balls and run after them and bug me when I’m crocheting. Today, apparently, he decided to swim in yarn.  I left several skeins and balls in the box on the floor with a blanket covering them last night. There was no way he could find them, right? Oh was I wrong. Very wrong. In the middle of the floor, splayed out in all directions like he danced at a rave in it, was what used to be my light blue skein. Off to the side, skeins and balls were pulled out, tossed about and in random stages of unwinding. It looked like he had a blast in there. He’s a dog right? A chihuahua last I checked. But this yarn addiction makes me think. He has other cat-like traits. He likes to sit on the back of the couch, he loves tuna (not joking here), and if you pet him just right he makes this low sound that I swear is a purr. He still does lots of other dog stuff, going to bark parks, playing with other dogs, doggie yoga stretches, happy dances when we come home and demanding to be pet nearly 24-7. I spent the entire morning cleaning up his yarn party. I had to untangle threads, wind balls back together, wind some new ones and separate the yarn. I put the yarn I’m not going to use in the multi-stripe afghan in the box and put the box on the shelf. A high shelf…. The others that I’m using I put into a mesh bag and put them on my craft table. This way when I need them I don’t need to lose them all. The larger skeins I left intact on the table. The light blue one…. I haven’t figured out what to do with yet. It is in a pile in the corner of the table. Sometime when I have a spare 2 hours I’ll sit down and de-tangle that mess. It’s too large to wind so it will be quite the task. Thanks pup. Must have been some yarn party last night, he’s passed out sleeping like a puppy in his little bed. Cutie.

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