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Magic Ball of Scrap Yarn 

In making the multi-coloured, multi-stitch afghan, I’m ending up with a bunch of smaller scrap yarn pieces. Some pieces are not even long enough to make it across the blanket with single crochet stitches. I have a pile of them which started to get messy and tangled. Since I prefer a neat and organized office, I decided to prepare the yarn for a future project. I began making a magic ball. If you haven’t heard about this, you’ll be delighted to find out what it is now. Your spare pieces, scraps and other stragglers of yarn that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away is about to get a reprieve. Begin with any yarn scrap piece, this isn’t a planned event so just grab any from the pile. Note: you want the yarn pieces to be of the same weight (all #4 yarn makes one ball, all #2 yarn makes another). If the yarn strand is long enough, begin forming your ball. When you have about 6 inches remaining, grab another strand and tie them together with a square knot. Leave a good 1-2 inches of yarn on the ties. In your future projects you can either leave these ends free for a shaggy look or weave them in as usual. Keep grabbing yarn pieces and rolling up the ball of yarn, tieing on the next piece as you go. If you want, before rolling the ball of yarn, cut the yarn strands into smaller pieces (in case they are longer than you’d like). You can clear out a good chunk of scrap yarn without feeling bad about throwing any of it away with this method. Once you have a good magic ball made and you’re happy with it, keep it in the misfit yarn box. I’m not sure yet what I’ll make with my magic ball of yarn yet. A funky scarf? A cool hat? Maybe some hip doggie scarves. Overall I’ll be happy that I didn’t waste the fiber and I’ll get another project made. Because you know, I need to be making yet another project…. 

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