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Recharged and Revived

Yes, the blog has been quite for little over a week. For good reason, we went on vacation. The hubs and I realized we hadn’t been on a vacation in just over 2 years and decided we really needed to get away. It’s funny how you get so caught up preparing for a vacation. Packing lists are made, reservations, doggie day care arrangements, lists to remember to do things like stop the mail and unplug electronics are all done in a whirlwind of activity leading up to the day of departure. Then, finally you go. The vacation itself was quite relaxing and one of the best we’ve had. The downside is the drive home realizing it is over and real life starts again the next morning. You get home, unpack, toss all the dirty clothes into the laundry hamper and hug your dog who is so excited to see you that he won’t sit still. (I love that 😊) A day or so later it all feels like it rushed by so fast, you look at the photos and think, wow, was that really just a few days ago? I feel relaxed and recharged but it all feels like it went by so quickly. The hard part was getting back into the groove, finding my list of to-do items and getting back to work. It can also be hard when the pup who has missed me so much is demanding to sit on my lap and be petted. And that’s also what I want to do too. It’s things like this that make me stop and enjoy the moment. His life is so much shorter than ours and we were already gone so long to him. Giving him 30 min of love, cuddles and attention is worth it. I feel better from our time away, and energized too. I know stopping for that short time will be priceless to my pup and not take away greatly from my work. He reminds me constantly, live in the moment, stop and enjoy life. It’s back to work now, but in a better state of mind. Vacations go by fast but they do wonders for the mind and soul. Reminding you to appreciate the little things in life….

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