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Yarn bombing!


Have you seen this? The first time I saw yarn bombing was a few years back while in Atlanta for DragonCon. It was just about the coolest thing I had ever seen. The street had the parking meters, benches and a few tree parts all decorated with brightly coloured yarns carefully crocheted or knitted into pretty designs. I was so impressed! I’ve followed yarn bombing events, sightings and such online since and have seen some pretty cool things. All you need do is Google “yarn bombing” and you’ll find pics of bikes, benches, cars, trains, even houses and bridges all decorated with yarn! Although YB started in Texas, many places around the world now have festivals or events specifically for yarn bombing, which is pretty cool. And some folks still do it covertly under the cover of night so they don’t get caught. Many people enjoy the art. It is bright, beautiful and refreshing. It interjects a little excitement into our daily lives. And best of all, it is temporary so there is no permanent damage, distortion or changes to the community. Some yarn bombing is done to help those in need of winter scarves and hats by leaving them on trees and fences in neighborhoods where they are most needed. However, there are still a few who find it less than appealing. I understand they feel it is like I unwelcomed graffiti and takes away from the normal landscape. And if the artist doesn’t have permission in some places, it may be illegal. But after seeing it, witnessing the smiles on people’s faces, the children who run over to touch and look at how this is made, I just believe that this type of beautiful street art is more beneficial to the community. It brings joy, a moment of brightness to your day, and an spark interest in fiber arts. I see the work mostly in larger cities, but I think it would be lovely if many more places celebrated it as well. Street art can bring such life to an area, and once you’ve seen yarn bombing in person, it just can’t be denied.

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