Holiday excitement! 🎃🕸☠️👻

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Oh yes, I’m excited for holiday season, but maybe not necesssarily the one you might be thinking of…. I’m excited for Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Samhain. Día de Muertos. I love this time of year. It has so many meanings, and not just buy an expensive one-use costume and eat spider cookies. I love the decorations, the giddiness the kids get when they come to the door to say “trick or treat,” and I love preparing the annual dinner. I make really cool gluten free cakes decorated in some new theme. Last year’s was the three witches of MacBeth. We have a great deal of enjoyment from this day. One of my other favs? Fiberart patterns! Yes. I’ve been on Pinterest a bit too much lately checking out the amigurumi witches, pumpkins, cats and more. Not to mention, candy corn hats, skull sweaters, black and orange striped anything and ooh purple and black mixed yarns too! I’m beginning to pick out a few to start making, so be warned, pumpkin pot holders and ghost coffee cup cozzies may be on the way… just letting you know I get a little Halloween crazy…. you’ve been warned….

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