CGOA Masters Program

The Crochet Guild of America offers an advanced Masters Program called the CGOA Master of Advanced Crochet Stitches and Techniques. For those fiber artists who are at intermediate to more advanced level, this program allows each artist to master their skill and knowledge of crochet. This would not be something I’d recommend for those just learning how to crochet, as it is quite extensive. The program is open to CGOA members and those who are not members. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive the program workbook filled with guides on how to make specific swatches and questions to answer. Luckily, all the swatches you’ll make are with a light, solid coloured worsted weight acrylic yarn. Yay for Super Saver yarns!! To keep track of everything, you’ll make a portfolio. Directions on how to tag and prepare swatches are also listed in the workbook. Once your portfolio completed, you just ship it off for review by CGOA members who are trained to review Masters portfolios. You’ll get your work back with a written review of your work, and sometimes little minor tweaks might be needed. After successfully completing the program and getting your portfolio approved, you’ll receive your Master’s Certificate. You can find out more about it from the CGOA website, And a few last notes, there is no deadline to complete the program (thankfully!) and it may take around two months or more for the final review process to be completed. So patience is key. Remember, this is a Masters Program, so attention to detail, meticulous and precise work with complete portfolios are a must to be successful. Good luck to everyone!

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