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Shopping for yarn while traveling

Okay, am I the only one who scouts out local yarn stores (LYS) while traveling? I didn’t think so. Going to new places is always an awesome adventure, seeing the sights, learning about the areas or new cultures and finding great treasures to take home is part of the allure of travel. I also happen to love to find LYSs while I’m at it. I’ve found some with the neatest yarns in places like these. In a LYS in Maine, I found some beautiful silk yarn, luckily marked down half price! In Quito, Ecuador, I found some of the most gorgeous wool yarn I’ve ever seen, and bought as much as I could stuff into my suitcase. And of course there have been so many more places and more yarn. If I don’t find a yarn store, it’s not a bad thing; it’s just not an opportunity to discover the connecting thread to the place I’m visiting. I still have bits of yarns from the places where I’ve traveled. Mostly left overs from things I’ve made, but I think in part because I don’t want to lose that piece of my travel memory. Yarn shopping, I’ve found, in any location, in any language, is all really the same love of fiber. So the next time you travel somewhere new, be it the mountains of Colorado or the shores of Scotland and beyond, try to sniff out a LYS and see what might be waiting for you. There are some amazing finds if you just seek them out.

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