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To crochet or to knit? That is the question.

Luckily William Shakespeare didn’t pen that question when Hamlet was deciding on his existence in Denmark so many years ago. However, I’ve had such questions posed to me as, which would be “better” to learn, crochet or knitting?  To me, I’m a bit confused by this question. Although I do have much more experience crocheting than knitting, I don’t really see how one art form is better/easier/more fun/more elite/etc. than the other. Learning a fiber art is brilliant either way. I have no direct preference to teach one or the other to a new fiber enthusiast, as long as they practice and learn the skill. I find knowing how to do both makes it simpler to choose patterns as I’m not restricted to only crochet or only knit items. If I see a beautiful crochet lace shawl pattern, I will try it. Same as if I see a beautiful knit scarf pattern, I’m going to attempt that as well. So my question to those newbies out there wondering which fiber art to learn wouldn’t be to crochet or to knit? Rather it would be, what fiber skill do you find most appealing? Learn that skill and then learn the other as well. Don’t leave a stitch behind. You’ll be happy that you took the time to dive into both and didn’t ignore an entire fiber craft because someone says it isn’t that good to know. Eh, neither is better, neither is worse. Some languages only have one word representing both of these words, which to me means a great deal. So go on, look at some patterns, see what attracts you and then choose your starting skill, but don’t stop there. You’ll be thrilled that you learned more.

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