Winter is coming…

4438178-snow-wallpapersAt least in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming. The nights are getting chillier and the days a bit cooler. Which means many of us dive deeper into our yarn stashes to make even more scarves, hats and gloves and maybe an afghan or two. It’s what we do on cold dark nights. This will be our second winter in Texas. Thankfully that means no snow and above zero temperatures. After years living in the northeast-midwest region, I’m thrilled! I know some folks say it’s just not the holidays without snow. Um, I’ll go buy some fake spray-on snow and watch the crackling fire on Netflix thank you. I rather enjoy not having to dig my car out of 2 feet of white heavy powder and ice. I enjoy being able to throw on a zip-up fleece and walk out the door instead of bundling up like the kid in A Christmas Story who couldn’t move his arms. And my dog, the little Chihuahua that he is, was thrilled to not have to put on Pawz boots, wait for us to dig out a spot for him in the snow and potty in about 2 milliseconds. Poor guy hated winter. But last winter, not too bad. He still doesn’t so much like going outside when the temp drops below 65F, but he’ll run out and back more quickly than outright refuse. Outright refusals only happen now when it rains….. It is still cold enough to wear sweaters, boots and warm scarves, so my fiber artist comes roaring out to make more!! This time of the year, I manage to start lots of projects, all at once, and hope I finish one or two of them within a decent amount of time. Stay warm this winter, wherever you are. And if you happen to be in some lovely place, like say Hawaii, let’s just say I’m rather envious. Warm thoughts to you all! And yes, I am eagerly awaiting the winter coming of Game of Thrones….

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