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Crocheting in Public!

Why yes, I do crochet in public. I enjoy doing it too. I was recently asked how I find time to create many of my fiber art pieces, and the answer is that I always have my “stuff” with me. Think about it, how many times have you found yourself sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, mindlessly surfing the internet on your phone? Or in the airport watching the same news coverage over and over? These are great times I use to not only accomplish some tasks, but get the relaxation from my needlework. I’ve taken my yarn with me just about everywhere from planes, trains, coffee shops and dog parks. Yup, I can crochet and watch the little chihuahua run all over the place. Now, while doing this in public, I have gotten a few interesting reactions. I’ve gotten the odd stares that make me think they are thinking “what the heck is she doing?” I’ve gotten friendly smiles and I’ve had the occasional kid ask their mom, “what’s that lady doing?”  I usually giggle inside when that one happens. Crocheting in public had made for some interesting conversations with strangers. I have been asked such things like how long have I been doing this, what am I making, is that knitting, and where did I get that pretty yarn! (I had one lady want to pet my alpaca yarn because it was so soft and fluffy). Those are the comments I don’t mind, but actually rather enjoy and engage in conversation with the person. There have been a few, mind you very few, that I had to stop to wonder if the person thought before they spoke, such as: I thought only old people do that, I wish I had all that spare time to crochet/knit/etc, must be nice to take it so easy in life. I just breath and pretend they said something nicer. It’s always good to assume they misspoke rather than were just rude. On the upside, I have also met some great folks who love the art as well, fellow fiber artists. I get to engage in conversations about yarn, design, tools, or whatever and I get to hear why they love it just as much as I do. I love these interactions. Taking a project with me in public means three things. 1) keep it simple. I do not bring complicated patterns or charts where I have to read every other row. You may get called in to see the doc in 25 min or 2 min, simple is better.  2) limit my tools. I don’t want a pattern that is going to require stitch markers all over the place. I just want 1 hook, scissors, yarn. I carry a retractable measuring tape in my purse already so I can use that if I need it. I don’t bring a needle because it is easily lost and I can weave ends later. 3) bring a small project. I usually bring something like a shawl, scarf or hat to crochet. Trying to crochet a full size Afghan or sweater would take up too much real estate in my bag. And then the yarn itself, either bring a small skein or cake with you, anything larger can get unwieldy and end up rolling across the floor. I can usually fit everything in my purse, but if you need, a small bag works well too. Then sit back, enjoy your few minutes or extra hour delay at the airport, and enjoy accomplishing some crochet!

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