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Crocheting for Charities

An awesome thing about being part of the fiber art community is that so much is done for charity organizations by artists. If you look at CGOA’s website, you’ll find a mammoth list of places where your hard work would be greatly appreciated. It’s always nice to be paid for your creativity but to be able to share it by volunteering that time and art to someone in need is priceless. Most of you know I’m an animal lover. My heart lies with a gorgeous, slightly crazy, little, smooth haired chihuahua. We adopted Loki when he was 7 years old from our local shelter in Delaware. We almost had second thoughts about adopting a senior dog, but his huge chi eyes, sweet face and unstoppable kisses just erased those thoughts. He had us wrapped around his paw before the adoption application was signed. And one week later, after all kinds of checks by the SPCA, we got the approval, he was our pup. I know shelters serve a purpose. And things must be easy to clean and such. But I have to admit seeing the wire doors and concrete floors made me want to just grab him and run out the door. Dogs (and cats) are living in shelters not knowing what happens next. Many are confused as to why they are even there. There is a group called Hugs For Homeless Animals that have started a program specifically with helping dogs and cats across the US and the world. The Snuggles Project connects people who volunteer their time to make and donate “snugglers” to animal shelters worldwide as well as local. The blankets make the shelters more cozy, welcoming and less scary for the pups, who appreciate the warmth and security their new little gift you’ve made for them has given to them. The Project has a whole pattern library for crocheting, knitting, sewing, no-sewing and toy making so you won’t lack for ideas. I took a look through the list of shelters and discovered several local, no-kill shelters (YES!!) near me that accept these sugglers. This is yet another reason I’m proud to be a member of CGOA, the ability to reach out and help another dog or cat who just might be waiting for his forever home makes me feel honoured. If you are looking for a way to volunteer your work for those who would greatly appreciate it, please do check out the CGOA page, and if animals are as near and dear to your heart as to me, please check out the Snuggles Project.  It’s a good thing to give back a piece of yourself, selflessly.

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