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Thanksgiving Traveling

fullsizeoutput_35acHappy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’re traveling again this year on Thanksgiving Day along with many other people. Surprisingly, the airports and flights aren’t nearly as crowded as the day before or the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. Flying on Thanksgiving Day seems to be the ideal time if you’re going to go somewhere not too far away and don’t mind early morning flights. Very early morning flights. Usually our flight out is around 5:30 am. Yes, that’s the flight out. But on the upside we get to our destination earlier and spend more time with the family. Of course there is always a connecting flight for us, which means some waiting time. For me, that means bringing something to knit or crochet. Even if I’m just going to start it then and there, I want to have something just in case I want to work on it. This time not only do I have time in the airport but a few hours on the plane (each flight). I get to crochet in public, play my cryptology game on my iPad and write this blog post all to keep myself entertained while we travel. Time well spent I believe. So far with the waiting and the time on the planes, I’ve had a few people smile at me or just glance at me while I crochet away. But no comments this year. I think it’s too early in the morning and everyone is focused on his or her destination. By this point, I’ve managed to get quite a bit done, and hopefully before we land and have to be busy with Thanksgiving stuff, I’ll get a bit more done. With that, happy travels to those traveling for the holiday, and those already there, Happy Thanksgiving. Easy on the turkey folks….

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