The Importance of Yarn Lot Numbers

img_0088I survived the holiday dinner, didn’t eat too much and now am ready to shop. I have to admit, I do not go out on Black Friday. I did once with a friend several years ago and it was truly frightening. I won’t do it again. <shiver> I’ll shop that day from my couch on the computer if I must. But the Saturday or Sunday following are safer days. Sales sometimes are still hopping and the stores are less crowded. Especially in the mornings. I needed to get some yarn for a special custom order so I stopped into a local retail store early to find my yarn loot. While shopping for that yarn, I also found a beautiful charcoal heather that I thought would make a great, something….. (not sure but I loved the colour). The skeins were on sale so I thought I’d grab the few that were left and be set to design and create. Being always careful, I double-checked the Lot numbers on the skeins. Wouldn’t you know it, 2 of the 6 skeins were completely different Lot numbers! Argh! Remember, for larger projects where you want to ensure that the colour exactly matches, only buy yarn from the same Lot number. Ever. Ever. Ever. Even if you can’t see too much of a difference in the store, there is most likely a slight difference that will come screaming through once you’ve created your masterpiece. So don’t even tempt fate. (Trust me) Hence, those 2 skeins stayed on the shelf, and I purchased the other 4. Since I didn’t have a set project in mind, I can now find something that has this amount of yarn without worry. It is a bit of a let down when you find this happens, but please, do not even try to trick yourself into believing that two different Lot numbers of the same colour yarn will be fine to use. It just won’t work, really won’t work. Just buy what you need in one color Lot number and move on. The pain of ripping apart a completed project is just not worth it. Lot numbers matter.

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