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Dryer Balls Revisited

img_0089Back in April I wrote about purchasing some wool dryer balls at a fiber festival. I’ve had those wool dryer balls in use every wash since April and I have to say, I LOVE them! They do indeed make the dryer time go a bit faster, not considerably faster but instead of 60 minutes it has cut down to 40 to 50 minutes a load. Which overall isn’t so bad. My clothes are very soft, with no chemical smells on them either. For those of us who are scent sensitive this is fabulous! Static is not existent. Also, my clothes used to go into the wash and dryer with Loki’s fur attached. (Isn’t dog hair wonderful)? Even after going through the dryer with dryer sheets, there would still be some hairs on some fabrics. I’ve found with the wool balls that there is little to no hair on the freshly dried clothing. Bonus! The balls are supposed to also keep sheets from tangling, however I haven’t found that to be the case. I’ve had to add in my tennis balls (having a total of 6 balls in the dryer) to keep my sheets from tangling into a single knotted pile. Perhaps I need 6 wool balls instead of 3 for the sheets. Overall, there’s no way I’d ever buy another box of dryer sheets now that I’ve used these wool dryer balls. They really do work very well keeping my clothes soft, static free, lint and hair free as well as chemical free. I’m going to have to go back to that fiber festival in the spring and find the little shop where I bought them and buy more. Adding to the calendar already for 2017!

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