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Happy New Year

img_0907Welcome to 2017. Have you made a new year’s resolution? No, well, neither have I. Join the club. In fact, I don’t think I have ever done this. It seems to me if I want to start something or change something, I’ll just try to do it without putting extra pressure on myself. I know some folks will make their resolution and two days later have already gone astray. Argh. I do however like to set some goals. I don’t think of them as resolutions because I do not feel bad if if they aren’t reached and I don’t feel guilty if life takes a turn and the goals change. It’s simply a short draft plan anyway, a few ideas, and maybe some thoughts on how to carry out the next twelve months. My goals are mostly directed towards the business, like listing more blog topics, making new projects, finding new craft fairs to attend, and finding more vendor opportunities. There are a few things for personal such as finding something new to do each month, traveling somewhere new, or learning something new. I don’t specifically state what those new things are, because that would restrict me and I’d rather see what opportunities arise. I’ve already started on making new things for the shop. I’m in the process of making some rather nice bags and totes for you all, a completely new section. And I’m expanding the dog wear line. I can see that with these new ideas  I’ll be quite busy in the coming months, but that’s how I like it. I’m sure you know how that feels. Now back to work I go.

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