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Review: Craftsy Freeform Crochet Online Class

Image from Craftsy
I have to say, since I discovered Craftsy a few years back, I’ve fallen in love with the whole darn thing. The patterns, the online classes, and tons of info on so many topics from fiber art, to culinary arts, photography and gardening (just to name a few). I started out with downloading the Craftsy app onto my iPad so that I could watch the classes wherever I wanted, and yes, I started with only just watching the free classes (I’m frugal). I wanted to be sure this was good stuff before I did any kind of investing. To my relief and much happiness, it really is good stuff. I’ve moved on to purchasing some classes now since I wanted to learn a bit more from this creative world. This past weekend I downloaded and watched the Freeform Crochet with Myra Wood online class. There are 7 lesson sections where Myra takes you slowly through the artistic process, but luckily not at a snail’s pace. I rather enjoyed that part, and with the 30 sec repeat option you can always do a quick review while watching. Myra also takes time to explain each of the stitches she demonstrates very clearly as well as the history and reasons for the art itself, reminding us that there is no pattern for freeform and to allow yourself to freely express your creativity. I liked how she stepped through the simple shapes first and then moved up to the more complex ones but in a way so that beginner crocheters could follow along as well and tackle those stitches. No fear, no judgement. I think this is the first Craftsy class where after the first few minutes I put my pen down, stopped taking notes, didn’t pick up a crochet hook/tool but just simply absorbed the lessons. And I didn’t stop after the first one. I kept going, it was so intriguing that I just wanted to know what I could possibly do next that I kept watching until the very last lesson ended. Yes, it was that engrossing. The freeform crochet techniques to me felt  like I could create a combination of crochet, weaving, embroidery, maybe a little knitting, and I could add beads or other cool things to make the art sparkle (literately and figuratively). Another great part of this class is the close-up shots of Myra crocheting, great job! These shots are clear, easily seen and I could see exactly what she was describing. It always makes video lessons so much better when the up-close views actually clearly shows what the speaker is demonstrating. I’m excited about working on my own freeform project now. After Googling freeform crochet art and seeing the most stunning and beautiful, creative and imaginative pieces I’m in total awe. Seriously, you have to Google this, it’s amazing what artists have done. My final thoughts then for this class is this: if you’re the kind of person interested in expressing yourself more through your art, whether your an advanced crochet artist or just an adventurous beginner, the Craftsy Freeform Crochet with Myra Wood online class is sooooooo worth it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


*I did not receive any form of compensation for this review nor was the Craftsy course offered free to me at any point. This is an independent review based on my own observations, opinions and conclusions.

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