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Technology at its best?

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my site to update and post my latest blog text only to discover my previous posts aren’t there! I had been posting from my mobile device, and it seems that was not a good idea. Two fold. 1) the posts don’t seem to actually ever posted. And 2) since I was typing on my mobile device, I typed directly into the program. Normally on my laptop I type in Word then paste to the site, thus creating a history of posts offline. So, yes, go ahead and help me smack my forehead as I realize I don’t have those posts, at…. all…. ☹️ Grrr Argh. Lesson learned and learned well. I feel horrible that it looks like I had nothing to say in weeks. But, I’m going to try to “recreate” them, at least the ones I remember, this weekend and hopefully have them updated by mid next week. And then I’ll be back on target and rockin’ out the awesome news about crochet, knitting and yarn in the world and in life. In the meantime, remember, to create is to live! 😊❤️

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