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Crochet Favs 💜

FullSizeRender 3Moving on. Unfortunately I was unable to locate any of the vanished posts. This doesn’t make me pleased, but as I mentioned in my previous post, it is a lesson learned. And my recall is scarce as to what the post subjects were; hence I’m moving onwards with the fiber art adventures. Here we go!

Like most people in the artistic world, I love what I do. But there are some projects I love just a slight bit more. I get an extra kick out of making a specific item for some reason or relish the challenge that the item presents. I am partial to a few things in fact; creating them makes me smile, engages me or just consumes my full attention. Here are a few of my favourite items to make:

1) Amigurumi. If you’ve read any of LPB’s posts, you had to know this would be my first love. There are perhaps a dozen or more explanations as to why I love this fiber art form. Taking yarn and creating an object that represents a cute dog, bear or crab is gratifying. Working with small tight stitches can be a challenge too, again something I enjoy. Nevertheless, once I’ve gotten the ami all sewn together and it actually looks like the object or animal I was anticipating, I’m always amazed at the result. Plus they are just so darn cute! Granted, ami are time consuming. These aren’t one-hour projects by any means….. but the final outcome is so worth the time.

2) Dog gear! Oh yes. As a pup parent to an 11-year old rescue, dog gear has always been important. I’ve been crafting dog hats, dog scarves and sometimes a sweater or two for quite a while now. My little Chihuahua is of course my dog model, and I think he loves modeling more than I had intended for him to enjoy! But, to see pet parents light up when they see the cute hats, or put the scarf with the small flower on their pup is something that I not only recognize, but also appreciate. I’m always delighted to take custom orders for folks who want to pamper their special furry friends.

3) Shawls/Wraps.  The detailed, intricate lace-stitch projects are my absolute favourites. I love reading detailed pattern charts (no, really I do, I’m that kind of nerd) and making the elaborate designs for gorgeous, wearable art. These endeavors take particularly more time and attentiveness from me and sometimes I still mess up and have to frog back two or three rows… I just can’t leave an error in something so detailed. OCD just won’t let me. However, once the shawl or wrap has been finished being crocheted, then blocked to what my imagination believes it should be, I eagerly await the next morning to see if all the work paid off when I remove all of the T-pins. Frequently, I’m beyond delighted. To see one’s efforts, attention to detail and artistic vision come to fruition is truly rewarding.

4) Afghans. Oh my goodness, Afghans are one of my all time favs! Any size from baby stroller coverlets to king-size super hero presentations; I’ve happily completed them all. The best part about Afghans is that they are in essence a story: the complete development, progression and finishing. So much time, energy and consideration is put into these magnificent art creations that at the end of the day you can be purely drained. I’m eager and motivated when I begin the day with an Afghan project, and as the project continues, with more thought, consideration, effort, and really a portion of myself is put into the project. I love the “accomplished” feeling I get when I have completed an Afghan, especially one of the larger ones. It is the best feeling an artist can feel.

5) Fair Isle. Okay, I’ve been studying Fair Isle quite a bit lately and it has become a bit of a passion. I love colour. No really, I love colour! And anything where I can enhance, blend and make a symphony of colours I will dive into learning. I simply love the look and the process of Fair Isle! Since this fiber art technique requires having to read a chart, and using multiple yarns at once, and sometimes even switching knitting styles (one stitch continental, one stitch English) are undoubtedly the reasons why I find it so appealing! Fiber art itself is a great way to keep your mind engaged, learn concentration and stay sharp, but with Fair Isle knitting it is just such a fantastic way to keep your brain continuously engaged and your concentration very focused. There is no zoning out while knitting here, otherwise the project design will be sorely compromised and lose its pattern or purpose. I find that Fair Isle knitting is perfect for rainy days when you sit and listen to the raindrops and just meditate on your project. Definitely a fiber art to love.

Do you have a different crochet or knitting project love? Let me know what makes you feel great about your art.


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