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Book Review: Knitting Ephemera by Carol J. Sulcoski

Knitting Ephemera by  Carol J. Sulcoski

One of the bonuses I received from the Vogue Knitting LIVE Las Vegas conference I recently attended was that, included in the price of my registration was a gift card I could use on the Vogue Knitting website. This could be used for patterns, back issues of VK or books. For me, the only option was the books. And the fact that I had to go through the list of books multiple times, print out the list, re-think the list, and then finally decide tells you something. This took me 2.5 days to figure out the final list to get. In the end one of the books I purchased was “Knitting Ephemera” by Carol J. Sulcoski. You can also find the book on Carol’s website Black Bunny Fibers (the link to purchase opens to Amazon). I was intrigued by the description since this wasn’t a pattern book, nor a technique book. It didn’t even have a single stitch explained. Instead it contained information, history, factoids, and little known particulars of the fiber art world.

I’ve been reading a few pages each night as a way to unwind and learn something new. I’ve been thrilled with the content! The first page kicks off discussing possible patron saints of knitting, some insight into lighted needles, as well as theories into knitting origins. But it doesn’t restrict its trivia to just knitting history. The book continues with facts about sheep breeds, wool variances, spinning (did you know you can spin your hair?), crochet methods (yes!!), and weaving information. Want to know how many calories are burned per hour of knitting? It’s in here. Who the heck was Susan Bates and is there really a knitting goddess? Yup, in here too. And if you’ve never thought hard about celebrities and pop culture, hello me, then it may surprise you to all the references in TV and film as well as those knitters/crocheters out there.

I’m so delighted with this book that I’m taking my second read through. It’s still on my nightstand and this time I’m reading it much slower so as to not rush through to find out everything so quickly. It may stay there, next to my other two books that I alternate reading at night. I’m quite pleased with this purchase. It hit the right curiosity spot. I enjoy the wit, humor, history, surprise information and pure enjoyment it has provided.

My recommendation is then for those fiber artists, up and coming fiber artists or the curious who might be interested in some fascinating, humorous, and interesting modern and historical fiber art data/knowledge/facts/trivia then by all means please read it! Ms. Sulcoski does not disappoint with her descriptions nor her information. You too may find it worth multiple readings. Happy reading!

*This is an unsolicited, unpaid review of the book. I received no compensation for reading and reviewing the book. All comments, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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