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LPB is now on YouTube

IMG_1423Yup. I’ve been hard at work these last few weeks recording, editing, and assembling tutorial videos. And then I created the LPB home YouTube channel to post them. It’s been quite a learning experience and a rather enjoyable one as well. Although it’s been odd not to touch yarn or hooks/needles during this time, I do feel good about the progress that the shop has made. It’s amazing the things you can do in iMovie! And thank goodness for the internet where if I had a question, I’d just Google it and either read from a forum of more ideas or watch a video (ironically on YouTube) about how to complete the task in question. In the coming months I’ll be creating even more videos with more techniques, tips and stitches for both crochet and knitting. Right now however, my brain, eyes and mouse wrist are on hiatus to recover from the marathon adventure! Please do stop by, and to make life easier I also added each tutorial video as a page here on the website under Tutorials, Crocheting  for anyone who wants a quick access. If there is a tutorial or idea that you’d like to know more about, just drop me a note.



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