Time keeps slipping into the future

It seems like each time I sit down and begin writing a new post, something goes haywire in life, or a new event comes up, or we have to travel for a reason. I haven’t finished any of them and by this point they are all pretty much, well, out of date. If you’ve been following the LPB Instagram then you know the latest life event has been with my pup, Loki. He jumped when he shouldn’t have and I couldn’t catch him in time and he landed badly on one of his paws. He ended up getting a hairline fracture on one of his phalanges. He was splinted for a week and is now in a “soft” bandage until next week. I’m hoping at his next checkup he’s strong enough and has healed that he won’t need anymore bandaging. It’s been hard to carry around a 12 pound dog back and forth around the house, outside for bathroom breaks, making sure his bandages are clean, begging him to take his medicine and waking up 30x a night to check on him while he’s sleeping. You do it for the love. And you know they know you care when they curl up next to you tightly for support and love. As for the shop, we had just finished his last photo shoot with some of the new LPB bow ties and a few of the holiday themed items. I think he’s looking quite dapper I must say. As soon as he’s back to full strength we’ll finish up the holiday photos and get those items up on the shop. Until then, I’m taking care of my furbaby and making sure he’s happy and safe. 🙂🐶❤️

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