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EverSewn Sparrow 30 Review

IMGP9489Last year I finally gave up my fight with my Kenmore sewing machine. I had had that creature for nearly 20 years and it progressively gave me headaches (ever have to use pliers to remove a needle jammed in the machine… yeah…). So I did some searching, trying to figure out what I could get that would give me the advanced items I needed and be useful. I even went into some big name brand stores to test out all kinds of machines. I was shocked at some of the prices! $10,000 for a sewing machine? Does it just make the entire pattern by itself and serve me a cappuccino? Yikes. I didn’t nearly want a sewing machine that cost as much as a small car. So I trekked over to the Bernina store in town as a last hurrah and found what I was looking for. The sales lady was so nice to me, didn’t try to sell me something I couldn’t afford and showed me one of the Sparrow 25 machines. I was so impressed that I stayed for an hour playing with it, looking over the user manual and getting info on tips and tricks for the machine. I went home and searched the EverSewn website for what they had to offer and that’s when I found the Sparrow 30. Pink Perfection. Although I had intended on purchasing it through the local shop, I opted to purchase it via Amazon. (Long story but apparently the shop owner didn’t care about “those” models and preferred to only deal with customers spending thousands of dollars. Whatever) it came quickly and I had that puppy set up in minutes flat! It’s been about a year now and I can definitely say this one is a serious keeper.  I love all the amazing additions that normally are only found on machines costing thousands of dollars. I use the extension table almost exclusively because it has so much room to maneuver my items. And the auto threader…. seriously love this!!!  Kenmore? What Kenmore? (It’s stored on a high shelf out of the way). The only recommendation I would have overall is that this is a machine for more advanced users, a novice or one who has been just learning may become perplexed by the number of functions, stitches and things that this puppy can do. But those of us who have been sewing for a while, this is wonderful. I’m sure a novice could use it just fine, it’s just from learning from a friend who has zero sewing experience said that it was way too confusing for her. When I bought it I also got the 6-piece accessory quilting foot set and I’m soooooo glad I did. It has the much needed ¼ blade foot (seams? Perfect!) a free motion foot and a walking foot to name a few. It also all comes in a handy little caddy that I put next to my machine so they stay organized and in view. I’d have to say that this has made my sewing adventures not only better but also more enjoyable. I’ve made so many things by now, including my first quilt. I simply love it. So my final thoughts are, if you’re in need of a fantastic machine (one that actually works and doesn’t cause constant headaches) I’d say go for the Sparrow 30. I don’t regret it for a second. And best of all, it does not cost $10,000!


*Review is unsolicited, unpaid and unsponsored. Comments and opinions are solely my own. The products mentioned were purchased by myself as well.


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