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New Listings

I know I've been off for a bit. But I've got good reasons for that. Lots of reasons actually. I've been busy making lots of new jewelry pieces for LPB. I have recently subscribed to Beadwork Magazine on my iPad. I've learned some amazing new techniques and that there are zillions of different types of… Continue reading New Listings

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Work in progress

I’ve been working on a project for a while now that is taking a bit more time than anticipated. It turned out to be larger than expected and more complex. I started out with one design and somehow it morphed on night. I planned out the design using my iPad’s Numbers program. It works quite… Continue reading Work in progress

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Valentines Day (weekend)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are celebrating in their own special way. It’s been a nice relaxing weekend here for a change. In addition to a lovely day, we were able to enjoy a great dinner out last night at a restaurant that completely understood the needs of folks with food allergies… Continue reading Valentines Day (weekend)


Ides of March

Actually, today was better for me than it was for Julius Caesar.  I wasn't stabbed 23 times by my friends and co-workers like he was, I just cleaned, met with friends, donated some clothes to the Goodwill and tried to find some cool new apps for my cell phone. I also got some stuff set… Continue reading Ides of March

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Joys of the interwebs

It is amazing how much our lives have evolved to revolve around the internet.  I thought I had avoided becoming one of those people who spent my time always checking my email and spending time on the net.  Until it happened, until, it was taken away.  My internet wonked out on me when I actually… Continue reading Joys of the interwebs


Accidental shopping

I couldn't help myself tonight.  I went online to check some of my things in the store, make sure I did the promote thing, checked to see if any Showcases were going to be available and I stumbled into shopping.  It happens. One moment you're trying to do a bit of organizing and the next… Continue reading Accidental shopping


Putting it all together

Today I finally put it all together.  I've been wanting to let loose the artist inside for a while,  show it to others outside my group of friends and now I've done it.  I set up my Etsy shop.  And now I've put together the blog and a new Twitter page.  I feel so put… Continue reading Putting it all together