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LPB is now on YouTube

Yup. I've been hard at work these last few weeks recording, editing, and assembling tutorial videos. And then I created the LPB home YouTube channel to post them. It's been quite a learning experience and a rather enjoyable one as well. Although it's been odd not to touch yarn or hooks/needles during this time, I… Continue reading LPB is now on YouTube

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Technology at its best?

Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my site to update and post my latest blog text only to discover my previous posts aren't there! I had been posting from my mobile device, and it seems that was not a good idea. Two fold. 1) the posts don't seem to actually ever posted. And 2)… Continue reading Technology at its best?

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7 Misunderstood Things About Crochet

Crochet is a beautiful and fascinating art form. I say this after decades of working and creating fiber art pieces for myself, friends and for purchase. However, in those years I've heard a few things that just aren't correct when it comes to crochet. Here, I'm going to review seven of those misunderstood things and get to the… Continue reading 7 Misunderstood Things About Crochet

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There’s an app for that…

Yes, there's an app for just about anything now. Need to order Starbucks before arriving at Starbucks? Yup... App. A human to cat translator so you can talk to Fluffy? Um, yes... Just want to pop bubble wrap all day long? Continuously? An app. But I get more interested in apps that I can actually… Continue reading There’s an app for that…

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Closing of the year

Well, it is the end of the year, and time for me to be busily moving about the house, organizing, methodically clearing out junk and getting things into their right locations. I am thoroughly enjoying the shop, making things and making sales. The holidays saw a lot of gifts that way. One pair of earrings… Continue reading Closing of the year

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Joys of the interwebs

It is amazing how much our lives have evolved to revolve around the internet.  I thought I had avoided becoming one of those people who spent my time always checking my email and spending time on the net.  Until it happened, until, it was taken away.  My internet wonked out on me when I actually… Continue reading Joys of the interwebs