I ❤️ my creative magazines

I really do love my creative magazines. Two I really, really love. Four times a year, I look forward to receiving my Crochet! copy. I get this subscription because I'm a member of CGOA. This quarter didn't disappoint. I have to say, I'm in love with the front cover's sweater. I may have to make … Continue reading I ❤️ my creative magazines

Wimberley Market Days Adventure

Yesterday we were extremely busy here at LPB. Up at 4:30am, out the door and down the road to our destination by 6:00am. On a Saturday no less. We were headed to Wimberley Market Days. For those of you not living in the Austin-San Antonio, Texas area, you’re going to wish you did. The small … Continue reading Wimberley Market Days Adventure

Bead Addiction

I admit, my first love is yarn. Yarns of all types, wool, bamboo, silk, even acrylic. I have a few skeins in my stash (cough, cough) so I can't hide it. But there is one little thing that takes up only two sections of my 5x5 IKEA organizing unit. The yarn? It takes up 11 … Continue reading Bead Addiction

Multi-tasking and memories

This past week I've finally decided on my next project... projects... I started three different crochet projects and by today one of them has been completed. I think like many others, I cannot work on just one project at a time. This does leave the box of "never finished projects" in the corner, but most … Continue reading Multi-tasking and memories

New Listings

I know I've been off for a bit. But I've got good reasons for that. Lots of reasons actually. I've been busy making lots of new jewelry pieces for LPB. I have recently subscribed to Beadwork Magazine on my iPad. I've learned some amazing new techniques and that there are zillions of different types of … Continue reading New Listings

Austin Bead Market

This weekend the Austin Bead Market was in Austin, TX, and I traveled there for a few items, and left with much more. Walking in there were tables after tables, booths after booths, beads in the millions!! I was overwhelmed. I tackled each area slowly to find those select pieces that I thought would be … Continue reading Austin Bead Market

What’s up today

So what have I been doing lately? Quite a bit. I'm in the midst of another baby afghan. This one will be stripes of white, slate and pink. I thought at first the colours would be a bit bold, and they are unique, but they look fantastic together. I think this is going to look … Continue reading What’s up today