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Holiday Craziness

It's that time of the year. Yes, zipping around from store to store, doing last-minute errands, getting gifts shipped out and trying to keep warm at the same time. It's been surprisingly cold here, I had to break out the hats and jackets. Brrrr. I've also been very busy at the shop. Lots of new… Continue reading Holiday Craziness

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Crochet on a budget: 7 tips from the great depression

Learning how to do a needlecraft is always a new and exciting adventure. However, what comes with that adventure sometimes can be pricey. I always tell beginning crocheters/knitters to follow the steps of frugality learned from our grandparents and great-grandparents during the great depression. Crocheting and knitting should be fun and enjoyable. It should not… Continue reading Crochet on a budget: 7 tips from the great depression

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What my dog taught me about working

Everyone is in a rush today. There are deadlines to meet, emails to send, invoices to review and not to mention taking and maintaining inventory as just a few of my rush things. People are in a hurry and working during much of their personal time making society exhausted (gee thanks cell phones…), cranky and… Continue reading What my dog taught me about working

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Dryer Balls Revisited

Back in April I wrote about purchasing some wool dryer balls at a fiber festival. I’ve had those wool dryer balls in use every wash since April and I have to say, I LOVE them! They do indeed make the dryer time go a bit faster, not considerably faster but instead of 60 minutes it… Continue reading Dryer Balls Revisited

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Thanksgiving Traveling

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’re traveling again this year on Thanksgiving Day along with many other people. Surprisingly, the airports and flights aren’t nearly as crowded as the day before or the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. Flying on Thanksgiving Day seems to be the ideal time if you’re going to go somewhere not too far… Continue reading Thanksgiving Traveling

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Taming the Yarn Beasts

Keeping things neat and organized makes a space not only pleasant to look at but locating things much easier. I'm a well organized person by nature and nurture. I was probably the neatest kid in school with an actual organized toy box (so not kidding). And I also was taught well by the US military… Continue reading Taming the Yarn Beasts

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Crocheting for Charities

An awesome thing about being part of the fiber art community is that so much is done for charity organizations by artists. If you look at CGOA's website, you'll find a mammoth list of places where your hard work would be greatly appreciated. It's always nice to be paid for your creativity but to be… Continue reading Crocheting for Charities