Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's is a great time to show off your crochet skills. From making festive bunting, 3-D hearts, sweet sachets or even larger items like cute ami bears or love themed afghans. This year I wanted to make some small hearts I could put around my desk and make the area festive. I searched for a … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

Moogly Crochet Along!

If you've never visited Tamara Kelly's blog, Moogly, now is the time. I love her blog! I try to keep up with it but sometimes life does have other plans. This past week I noticed in my Moogly email newsletter that she's already started the 2017 Crochet Along (CAL). Its actually already up to the … Continue reading Moogly Crochet Along!

I ❤️ my creative magazines

I really do love my creative magazines. Two I really, really love. Four times a year, I look forward to receiving my Crochet! copy. I get this subscription because I'm a member of CGOA. This quarter didn't disappoint. I have to say, I'm in love with the front cover's sweater. I may have to make … Continue reading I ❤️ my creative magazines

Creating a Classic, the Granny Square

Probably the most recognized crochet motif is the Granny Square. It's a classic. The pattern itself is relatively simple and you can use it to make just about anything including scarves, bags, vests and of course afghans. Also, you can review a basic crochet chart as you go or before you begin. You only need … Continue reading Creating a Classic, the Granny Square

Charting It

I haven’t seen my yarn or beads in a while…. They are in a few boxes, under more boxes in a room full of even more boxes that I know they are hiding. But more boxes are being packed and piled into the same room. Argh, we’ll get there soon. My shelves at the apartment are empty … Continue reading Charting It