Bead Addiction

I admit, my first love is yarn. Yarns of all types, wool, bamboo, silk, even acrylic. I have a few skeins in my stash (cough, cough) so I can't hide it. But there is one little thing that takes up only two sections of my 5x5 IKEA organizing unit. The yarn? It takes up 11 … Continue reading Bead Addiction

The life of a toaster oven

There has been more packing going on here. About half of my office and supplies have now been packed. All of the yarn supply was stashed into 3 large Rubbermaid bins. From this I discovered two things (1) I have a ton of yarn, I mean seriously I could wrap my house with it several … Continue reading The life of a toaster oven

Fibers, spinners and yarn, oh my!

I must say, since moving to Texas, I've been to more bead markets, yarn stores, farmers markets and fiber festivals than I think I've ever been to before. Talk about Texas being bigger! They do it bigger and better here. This weekend I was thrilled to travel to the Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Fiesta in Seguin, TX. … Continue reading Fibers, spinners and yarn, oh my!

Ides of March

Actually, today was better for me than it was for Julius Caesar.  I wasn't stabbed 23 times by my friends and co-workers like he was, I just cleaned, met with friends, donated some clothes to the Goodwill and tried to find some cool new apps for my cell phone. I also got some stuff set … Continue reading Ides of March

Bliss is in the karma

Yes, I caved to my shopping desires today.  I drove to Jo-Ann's after our morning routine of breakfast bagels (and coffee for me) and grocery shopping.  I must have walked around that store for hours.  I picked up beads, yarns, fabrics and trims.  Then patterns and more beads, returned to yarns, over to knitting needles … Continue reading Bliss is in the karma

Accidental shopping

I couldn't help myself tonight.  I went online to check some of my things in the store, make sure I did the promote thing, checked to see if any Showcases were going to be available and I stumbled into shopping.  It happens. One moment you're trying to do a bit of organizing and the next … Continue reading Accidental shopping