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Ten Reasons Why We Love To Crochet and/or Knit

Meditation and relaxation: knitting or crocheting can help transport you away from your chaotic daily activities and allow you to simply concentrate on what is in front of you, watch a movie (or two), and merely relax. The repetition enhances the feeling of calmness and has been associated with helping numerous individuals deal with depression.… Continue reading Ten Reasons Why We Love To Crochet and/or Knit

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's is a great time to show off your crochet skills. From making festive bunting, 3-D hearts, sweet sachets or even larger items like cute ami bears or love themed afghans. This year I wanted to make some small hearts I could put around my desk and make the area festive. I searched for a… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day

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Holiday excitement! 🎃🕸☠️👻

Oh yes, I'm excited for holiday season, but maybe not necesssarily the one you might be thinking of.... I'm excited for Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Samhain. Día de Muertos. I love this time of year. It has so many meanings, and not just buy an expensive one-use costume and eat spider cookies. I love the… Continue reading Holiday excitement! 🎃🕸☠️👻

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Yarn bombing!

Have you seen this? The first time I saw yarn bombing was a few years back while in Atlanta for DragonCon. It was just about the coolest thing I had ever seen. The street had the parking meters, benches and a few tree parts all decorated with brightly coloured yarns carefully crocheted or knitted into… Continue reading Yarn bombing!

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Charting It

I haven’t seen my yarn or beads in a while…. They are in a few boxes, under more boxes in a room full of even more boxes that I know they are hiding. But more boxes are being packed and piled into the same room. Argh, we’ll get there soon. My shelves at the apartment are empty… Continue reading Charting It