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Ten Reasons Why We Love To Crochet and/or Knit

Meditation and relaxation: knitting or crocheting can help transport you away from your chaotic daily activities and allow you to simply concentrate on what is in front of you, watch a movie (or two), and merely relax. The repetition enhances the feeling of calmness and has been associated with helping numerous individuals deal with depression.… Continue reading Ten Reasons Why We Love To Crochet and/or Knit

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Weekend in Vegas Baby!

This past weekend I spent some quality time in Las Vegas. You laugh, but really I did. I attended the Vogue Knitting LIVE Las Vegas event. Vogue held this year's event at the Red Rock Casino, Hotel and Spa Resort. And it was time well spent. I left for Vegas Thursday morning and landed after… Continue reading Weekend in Vegas Baby!

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Thanksgiving Traveling

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We’re traveling again this year on Thanksgiving Day along with many other people. Surprisingly, the airports and flights aren’t nearly as crowded as the day before or the Sunday after Thanksgiving Day. Flying on Thanksgiving Day seems to be the ideal time if you’re going to go somewhere not too far… Continue reading Thanksgiving Traveling

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Crocheting in Public!

Why yes, I do crochet in public. I enjoy doing it too. I was recently asked how I find time to create many of my fiber art pieces, and the answer is that I always have my "stuff" with me. Think about it, how many times have you found yourself sitting in the doctor's waiting… Continue reading Crocheting in Public!

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Wimberley Market Days Adventure

Yesterday we were extremely busy here at LPB. Up at 4:30am, out the door and down the road to our destination by 6:00am. On a Saturday no less. We were headed to Wimberley Market Days. For those of you not living in the Austin-San Antonio, Texas area, you’re going to wish you did. The small… Continue reading Wimberley Market Days Adventure

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Shopping for yarn while traveling

Okay, am I the only one who scouts out local yarn stores (LYS) while traveling? I didn’t think so. Going to new places is always an awesome adventure, seeing the sights, learning about the areas or new cultures and finding great treasures to take home is part of the allure of travel. I also happen… Continue reading Shopping for yarn while traveling

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Yarn bombing!

Have you seen this? The first time I saw yarn bombing was a few years back while in Atlanta for DragonCon. It was just about the coolest thing I had ever seen. The street had the parking meters, benches and a few tree parts all decorated with brightly coloured yarns carefully crocheted or knitted into… Continue reading Yarn bombing!