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Taming the Yarn Beasts

Keeping things neat and organized makes a space not only pleasant to look at but locating things much easier. I'm a well organized person by nature and nurture. I was probably the neatest kid in school with an actual organized toy box (so not kidding). And I also was taught well by the US military… Continue reading Taming the Yarn Beasts

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Magic Ball of Scrap Yarn 

In making the multi-coloured, multi-stitch afghan, I'm ending up with a bunch of smaller scrap yarn pieces. Some pieces are not even long enough to make it across the blanket with single crochet stitches. I have a pile of them which started to get messy and tangled. Since I prefer a neat and organized office,… Continue reading Magic Ball of Scrap Yarn 

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I Do Enjoy Knitting Patterns

I love that movie quote! When Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore says this in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, I laughed so hard! One of those Haaaa!!! Laughs. It was pretty awesome. And true. I do love them. I am a crochet fiend, but in the last several years I've picked up my… Continue reading I Do Enjoy Knitting Patterns

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The Island of Misfit Yarn

A little here, a bit there, half a skein there. It never fails. When I'm working on a project I always make sure I have enough yarn. Sometimes I barely squeak by with 6 inches to spare to bind off. My heart races on those because I really don't want to frog maybe hours of… Continue reading The Island of Misfit Yarn

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Life and food

As many of us have encountered, life gets in the way of our best laid plans. I did manage to finish the baby afghan, almost. I still need to weave in all the loose ends, but for all practical purposes it is done, and with a lovely boarder. I've tried 2x now to sit and… Continue reading Life and food

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Multi-tasking and memories

This past week I've finally decided on my next project... projects... I started three different crochet projects and by today one of them has been completed. I think like many others, I cannot work on just one project at a time. This does leave the box of "never finished projects" in the corner, but most… Continue reading Multi-tasking and memories

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Next Project?

I'm back in my thoughts of what to do for my next project, fiber art this time for sure. I have just completed a project for myself recently. I haven't made anything for myself in, well, ever, so I decided to go all out and use some of those yarn "leftovers" and make something just… Continue reading Next Project?