From the basics of creating a chain to the complicated stitches of lacework. Follow along the steps to learn more about crochet techniques and how to improve your skills. Or just learn some new methods and gain some ideas for your next project.

How to Single Crochet

One of the most frequently used crochet stitches. Learn how to master the single crochet (UK – double crochet).

Making a Granny Square

To make a Granny Square, you will need to know the following crochet skills: slip knot, chain, slip stitch, double crochet and bind off. 1.) Gather the tools and supplies you’ll need. Crochet hook sized to your preference or pattern, scissors, and yarn (one or more depending on your project). You’ll also need a yarn … Continue reading Making a Granny Square

How to Chain Stitch

The basics of crochet typically start with a crochet chain. Learn how to make a slip knot and a chain to begin crocheting.

How to Double Crochet

The next crochet stitch in your crochet toolbox is the double crochet. Learn how to master the technique to advance your skills.

How to Half Double Crochet

A half double crochet increases your crochet knowledge and allows you to create even more awesome wearable art items.