Making a Granny Square

To make a Granny Square, you will need to know the following crochet skills: slip knot, chain, slip stitch, double crochet and bind off.

1.) Gather the tools and supplies you’ll need. Crochet hook sized to your preference or pattern, scissors, and yarn (one or more depending on your project). You’ll also need a yarn needle when you’re finished with the project to weave in all ends.

2.) Make a slip knot.

3.) Chain 4.

4.) Join with a slip stitch (sl st) to first chain (ch) to form a ring.

5.) Ch 3.

6.) Create 2 double crochets (dc) in the center of the ring to make your first cluster. The ch 3 is your first dc.

7.) Ch 2, make 3 more dc clusters (each w/3 dc) with 2 ch between each cluster forming corners. After the last cluster, ch 2, sl st to the top of the ch of the previous row and ch 3. Your first round of clusters are complete.

8.) Do not turn your work. Inside the same corner, make 2 dc to complete the first cluster. Ch 1. Create your next cluster in the next corner, ch 2, make another cluster in the same corner. Repeat from ch 1. You will have a ch 2 at each corner between clusters in the same corner and ch 1 over the sides. When you reach the last corner ch 2, sl st into the top of the ch 3 in the previous row and ch 3. Your second round of clusters is complete.

9.) Repeat rounds as many times as desired or as called for by the pattern.

10.) If you are adding a new colour, when making your sl st, insert your hook into the top ch of the previous row ch 3. Do NOT yarn over yet. Cut your first yarn, leaving at least a 6 in (15 cm) tail. Take your second yarn and loop it over the hook for your yarn over and pull through as a normal sl st. Proceed with ch 3 and the pattern repeat with the second colour.

11.) When you’ve finished your square, cut your yarn leaving at least a 6 in (15 cm) tail. Bind off the last tail and weave in all loose ends.

12.) You now have a completed classic Granny Square.