Fiber Art Skills

All the other little tips and tidbits for all types of yarn art and fiber crafts that can you didn’t know you needed to ask. Find out those little things that are super cool and will help your along in your adventures in fiber art.


Reading Crochet Charts

Stitch charts. Crochet diagrams. Crochet charts. Stitch diagrams. These all mean the same thing, a crochet pattern using specific symbols explaining the instructions via imagery instead of written words or abbreviations. For ease of writing I’ll use “crochet charts” to explain how to use these images. Crochet charts are being used more frequently today around … Continue reading Reading Crochet Charts

How to Read Yarn Labels

Ever wonder what all those symbols and abbreviations mean on a yarn label? Need to know where to find specific information for your project. Follow along as we review five different yarn labels to find what you’re looking for.